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Activities Availability


Upon retrieving the supplier's current inventory, you are advised to use the Activities Availability API call for an up-to-date activity's availability, with additional information relevant to the package.



Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
SOAPAction: ""
Content-Length: 565
Expect: 100-continue
Connection: Keep-Alive


Body of the request:

Field Name Description Type Possible Values M/O
 ClientIP       -
 ActivityId  A unique GUID for the activity in the booking session      M
Request (closing)
 RequestType      GetAvailability M
 SessionID  The booking SessionID     M
 TypeOfService      Activities M


Body of the response:

Field Name Description Type

AgeRanges (opening element)


Details regarding the participant's allowed age (opening element) Int32
AgeFrom Lower age range limit Int32
AgeRangeId   Int32 
AgeTo Upper age range limit Int32 
Count Number of customer in the age range Int32 
Name Activity name String 
TreatAsAdult   Boolean
AvaliableDates The activity's available dates Array
dateTime Available dates for the activity Array object
Departure Activity departure details  
DepartureComments Comments regarding the Activities Departure String  
DeparturePoint From where the activity starts String  
DepartureTime Activity time  
Descriptions Additional information String  
AdditionalInfo Additional information available for the activity String  
Description Activity's description String  
Exclusions Exclusions for the activity String  
Inclusions What is included in the activity String  
Itinerary Activity's itinerary String  
ReturnDetails Information regarding the activity's return String 
ShortDescription Short description of the activity  String  
Duration Duration of the activity   
Picture Activity's picture in Pictures String  
FullSize Full-sized image URL for the activity  String  
PicDescription Image description for the activity String  
Questions  Activity questions - should be answered in the activity booking request, if retrieved in this response String  
Reviews  Activity reviews  
SupplierName Activity supplier   
Errors Errors retrieved for the response   


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