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Transfers Book


The Transfers Book API call is used for requesting a Transfers reservation for the chosen package, and for retrieving the booking confirmation from the supplier.



Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
SOAPAction: ""
Content-Length: 1682
Expect: 100-continue
Connection: Keep-Alive


Body of the Book request:


Field Name Description Type Possible Values M/O
rqst (Opening Element)
 Request (Opening Element)
ClientIP IP address of the requester     O
AirlineCode Airline IATA code     M
Card (Opening Element)
- The Card element is requested when the payment is by credit card. Otherwise, you should not send any details through the element - -  
AddressLine Card holder's address     M
CVV Card CVV     M
CardNumber Credit card number     M
CardType Credit card card type     M
City Card holder's city     M
Country Card holder's country     M
ExpireDate Credit card's expiration     M
HolderName Card holder's name     M
Phone Card holder's phone     M
ZipCode Card holder's address ZIP code     M
Card (Closing Element)
FlightNumber Flight number to be sent to the Transfer supplier      M

ID of the Lead PAX. Should be generated on your side, preferably as GUID.

OutboundAirlineCode Airline IATA code of the outbound flight    
PackageIds (Opening Element)
guid  Transfer ID     M
PackageIds (Closing Element)
Passengers (Opening Element)
CustomerInfo (Opening Element)

Within the Address element, you should provide the country's ISO Alpha-2:




Allocation       O
Id ID of the customer in the order. Should be generated on your side, preferably as GUID. Must be similar to the Lead PAX's ID when providing the Lead PAX's CustomerInfo     M
PersonDetails (Opening Element)
Age Customer's age     M
BirthDate Customer's birthdate     

Within the Name element, you should provide:




Type Adult or child   Adult, Child M
PersonDetails (Closing Element)
CustomerInfo (Closing Element)
Passengers (Closing Element)
SelectedPaymentMethod Selected payment method for the order     M
ServiceFee Service fee claimed for the order     
Request (Closing Element)
RequestType Type of the request   Book M
SessionID SessionID of the booking session     
TypeOfService Type of the service    Transfers
rqst (Closing Element)




Field Name Description Type
ServiceRequestResult (Opening Element)
Errors Any errors occurring in the booking step will be passed to this field  
TransfersBookResponse (Opening Element)
TransferSegments (Opening Element)
TransferBookSegment (Opening Element)
BookingID The booking ID as retrieved from the supplier's services. Indicates that the booking has succeeded  
BookingReference The booking reference as retrieved from the supplier's services. Indicates that the booking has succeeded   
BookingRemarks Booking remarks passed by the supplier   
OrderId Travolutionary Transfers OrderID   
SegmentId Travolutionary Transfers SegmentID   
Status Order Status; if succeeded, the status should be "OK". If the order has been set to "ER", please contact the supplier to inquire the issue.  
TotalPrice (Opening Element)
Currency The currency as set in the Transfers search request  
FinalPrice The final price, including taxes, markups and commission   
FinalPriceInSupplierCurrency The final price in the supplier currency, including taxes, markups and commission  
OriginalPrice The original price, without any markups and commissions   
OriginalPriceInSupplierCurrency The original price in the supplier currency, without any markups and commissions  
SupplierCurrency The supplier currency  
TotalPrice (Closing Element)
TransferBookSegment (Closing Element)
TransferSegments (Closing Element)
TransfersBookResponse (Closing Element)
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