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Transfers PriceValidation


Each Transfers rate has cancellation policy data which can be retrieved by the Transfers PriceValidation API call. Using this call will re-validate the rate price, offer all crucial information regarding the cancellation policy and other details.



Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
SOAPAction: ""
Content-Length: 708
Expect: 100-continue


Body of the request:


Field Name Description Type Possible Values M/O
Request (Opening Element)
 ClientIP The IP address from which the request is sent String    O
PackageIds (Opening Element)
guid The Package GUID returned on Transfers search response System.Guid   M
PackageIds (Closing Element)
Request (Closing Element)
RequestType Type of the request   GetCancelationPolicy M
SessionID ID of the Transfers booking session      M
TypeOfService Type of the service    Transfers M



Field Name Description Type
TransfersPriceValidationResponse (Opening Element)
TransferPackage (Opening Element)
CancellationPolicies (Opening Element)
CancellationPolicy (Opening Element)
CancellationFee (Opening Element)
Currency The offered cancellation penalty currency, determined by the user on search  
FinalPrice Cancellation penalty  
FinalPriceInSupplierCurrency The cancellation penalty, in the supplier's currency  
OriginalPrice Cancellation penalty   
OriginalPriceInSupplierCurrency Cancellation penalty in the supplier currency  
SupplierCurrency The currency retrieved from the supplier  
CancellationFee (Closing Element)
DateFrom The cancellation deadline, after which the cancellation penalty will be charged  
CancellationPolicy (Closing Element)
CancellationPolicies (Closing Element)
Id Internal cancellation policy ID  
Price (Opening Element)
Currency The offered rate's currency, determined by the user on search  
FinalPrice Final price after markup and commission  
FinalPriceInSupplierCurrency The final price, including markups and commission, in the supplier's currency  
OriginalPrice Price before markup and commission  
OriginalPriceInSupplierCurrency Price before markup and commission in the supplier's currency  
SupplierCurrency The currency retrieved from the supplier  
Price (Closing Element)
SupplierId Internal supplier ID  
SupplierName The supplier's name  
Transfers (Opening Element)
Transfer (Opening Element)
Date The date of the transfer  
DropoffLocation Full name of the drop-off location Array
EstimatedDuration Estimated time of the transfer in minutes  
Facilities Transfer's facilities Array
PickUpRemarks Pick-up remarks  
PickupLocation Full name of the pick-up location Array
Remarks The transfer remarks Array
ServiceClass Transfer class (Private, Shared, etc.)  
ServiceType Transfer type (Luxury, etc.)  
Time Time of the transfer  
VehicleType Transfer's vehicle vendor  
Transfer (Closing Element)
Transfers (Closing Element)
TransferPackage (Closing Element)
TransfersPriceValidationResponse (Closing Element)
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