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Static Data Download & Service URL's & TrustYou

Mapping.Works Lite:

We are happy to announce the release of a new on-demand static data generation tool, developed especially for our Travolutionary clients. Mapping.Works Lite is a free tool available via API or an easy to use UI. It allows you to import static data directly into your database, or to download as an Excel file.
For the User manual click here

→ We recommend downloading static data on a weekly basis to keep your property details as up to date as possible.

To access Mapping.Works Lite just send an email to Submit a Request with the following information: 

  • Agency name (as it appears in the Travolutionary system)
  • Agency country 
  • First name + last name
  • User email (download files link will be sent here)
  • Phone number

Once we get the above details from you, we will send you your credentials and related documentation so that you can get started.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Static data files are being updated periodically. Once the update has been made, we will notify all clients via email. 



Hotels Locations List (Production Data) - see attached file at the bottom of the page.




You can also download the list of supported currencies and supported residencies from the attachments.


Our services are available at the following URL's:


Orders Service URL:



Locations Service URL (Available in English only):

Travolutionary provides you with auto-complete Locations Service, which allows you to populate location names based on a short string as a parameter (3 letters minimum).


Field Name Explanation

Mandatory. City name (Recommended Full city name
or at least 3 characters).


 Service type (Hotels, Flights, Cars...).


Mandatory. Limit number of results (Max 30).


Please use the following header:

POST /BookingServices/LocationsService.svc HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
SOAPAction: ""
Content-Length: 209
Expect: 100-continue
Connection: Keep-Alive

See on the bottom request and response for GetLocations method.


TrustYou Reviews Service:

Travolutionary provides you with access to TrustYou, ratings, and reviews you can display for hotel data when integrating without API.

Please be advised that by default, the response WILL NOT contain TrustYou content, nor by calling reviews service. Please contact our support to verify whether you’re allowed to call this service.

Once enabled, TrustYou content will also be returned in the search response.


Please be advised that you can retrieve TrustYou reviews only for hotels that were returned on the session and only by sending <ExcludeHotelDetails>False in the search request.

The TrustYou review service replaced the TripAdvisor review service, which is no longer available via our platform. The TripAdvisor service-name and URL are kept as is in order to maintain backward compatibility.

Service URL:

Soapaction: ""


Field Name Explanation

Mandatory. Must be an active Session.


 As received from the above active Session.


By default, reviews will be sent in English (there are few others supported languages you're able to send by 2 Letter ISO).


The samples are attached below.

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