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 General Information


Travolutionary provides you with access to TrustYou - ratings and reviews you can display for hotel data when integrating without API.
Please be advised that by default the response will neither contain TrustYou content, nor call reviews service, unless you have a contract signed with TrustYou.


You can contact TrustYou on and once you have a contract signed with them, please contact us and we'll activate it for you.


Please be advised that you can retrieve TrustYou reviews only for hotels that were returned on the session and only by sending ExcludeHotelDetails = False in the search request.




Examples for the GetReview request can be found in our Postman Collection.


Example Responses


Here's an example for the condensed TrustYou content that is returned in every search response:




The full information about a hotel can be returned by sending the GetReview request:




In addition, please note the AllReviewsUrl tag, links to a webpage that displays even more information, and can be displayed on your website as well.

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