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Dear Developers,

The Travolutionary travel booking system is a multi- supplier and multi- service aggregation gateway, featuring an extensive set of tools and functions.

Our service is a standard Microsoft © web service, which is using the SOAP protocol.

Travolutionary clients can use the API to complete a booking in the system with 5 simple steps:






The API allows to check for an updated status of a booking, to cancel a booking, etc.

In addition, a full booking data Web-Service is available, to allow synchronization with external accounting systems or 3rd party back office systems.

This API documentation relates to Hotels/Cars/Flights/Activities/Transfers/Dynamic Packaging modules, allowing users to perform bookings on these modules, originating from dozens of international suppliers.

We also facilitate credit card processing as a part of booking processes with some suppliers.

Please make sure you are generating correct XML files that having valid session ID (session ID is valid for 40 minutes) and search information, as copying XML sample requests from this document won’t work in most cases.

Applying different settings on the username used by you to call our API controls the search availability and booking processes with Live or Test data.

As a part of setup process, you will be provided with a username that is configured to return test data.


During the development, the results of your booking flow might NOT be optimized as you wanted it to be.

This is natural when booking under Test environments of the suppliers.

Upon completion of your integration, alternative user will be provided that is configured with live data or different settings will be applied to allow the user used for development to receive live data.

Project Examples:

C#: here 

PHP: here

*** Please note that ORDER OF ELEMENTS IN THE REQUESTS are very IMPORTANT ***

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