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Updates 05/02/2015:



Intended to be used by clients with high traffic or for clients with a unique search to book flow.

*GeoLocationInfo and general search recommendations:


1. You can now search using Latitude /Longitude + Radius (up to 75km) - as an alternative to HotelLocation search.

2. You can now search using HotelIds only (Max 3000, no matter if supplier supports search by single hotel or not, we are making the conversion on our side and you will receive the relevant results). You should now STOP sending requests that contain BOTH HotelId and HotelLocation.

3. Please do not use GeoLocationInfo search along with HotelId as this search is invalid. GeoLocation search can be used alone.

Please make sure you understand what is a session and how to handle it, as explained in the Login & Session Management.

Please be advised: You can proceed with the hotels booking process (hotel/package details, cancellation policy, payment pref, booking) only for items returned in the last search response of your current session.

Your search request is directed to the following service:

(See cert headers in the attached example - Template Cert search)


Request name: HotelsServiceSearchRequest:

RequestType: Search

Field Name Explanation
ClientIP Not required in the search request. Null

** In case you want to login and search at the same request (without separated login request).




Will be provided by Travolutionary support team upon set-up, or by creating a new user in the B2B/ Back-office system.

DesiredResultCurrency Mandatory. Currency ISO (Example: “USD”, “EUR”, “ILS”). 

Mandatory. Lead pax residency, ISO Country Code (Example: US, CZ, IL).

Required by some of the suppliers, as they have special/restricted rates according to the residency value we passed them.


You can pass a value on the request, to override the default timeout value which was defined for the user (On the B2B, under 'User Settings' section). The system will wait and not return results until the timeout value reached or until all suppliers returned results.

CheckIn Mandatory. Check in date (Example: 10/10/2014)
CheckOut Mandatory. Check out date (Example: 11/11/2014). Must be later from check in date.
ContractIds Search by contract id with hotel supplier. (Can be retrieved from B2b admin panel: "Admin" ==> "Contracts")


Default - Includes more detailed price breakdown, more package information, and full hotel information. Not Recommended because of the large response size. Will be blocked as from July 30, 2017, unless used in a single hotel ID context.

Low/LowNoTax - Includes less detailed price breakdown on the package including/excluding VAT (Tax) in the final/SimplePrice.

Minimal - Same as Low, excluding the ChainCode and the supplier name of the package.

NoPackages /NoPackagesNoTax - Returns the minimum required hotel data.

Does not return any room information, but only the highest and lowest package price per hotel including/excluding VAT (Tax).

This is a recommended practice!

Meta/MetaNoTax  - Returns the minimum required hotel data.

Doesn't return any room information, only the lowest package price of each supplier per hotel, including/excluding VAT (Tax). 

This is a recommended practice!

MetaAdvanced - Applicable for special implementations only.

MetaExtended - Returns the minimum required hotel and room data, and cheapest rate per hotel including VAT (Tax).

See attached "MetaExtended" for more info and examples.


This field is to be included in the search request in case you are working with the static data file and do not need the hotel details to be returned, but only the hotel id.

For best performance, use true (Not recommended for MetaExtended).
False - include all hotel details in the response (Address, ChainCode, DisplayName, GeoLocation, StarRating, TripAdvisor - If authorized).
True - exclude all hotel details in the response except the hotel id and default image.

GeoLocationInfo -----New from 05/02/2015-----
Latitude Type: System.Double 
Longitude Type: System.Double

* Up to 3000 hotel IDs per request.


Note: This is the less recommended search method. Best to use either HotelIds or GetLocation based search.

----Can not be used when searching by Geo-----

* Search by hotel location. List of location ids can be downloaded here.


***NOT IN USE***

False - default value.
True - might be useful for some USA cities.

Nights Optional. Number of nights for a hotel stay (Example: 2). If provided, must correlate with Check-in Check-out dates. If not, can be "0".

Radius from Lat/Lang coordinates to search in.


*Mandatory* when using GeoLocation search. Cannot be "NULL" or "0" or greater than "75,000"!


Mandatory. Number of guests to stay in a room. Up to 8 in a room. Cannot be “0” or “NULL”!

The total number of passengers (adults + children) per room is 8.

Note that most suppliers support up to 4 guests per room, while only some suppliers support more than 4 guests per room.

Up to 4 rooms in a request.

KidsAges Up to 2 in a room. A child on our system is considered between 0-17

***NOT IN USE***

False - default value. No separate beds in the room.
True - Separated beds.


***NOT IN USE***

SupplierIds For search from specific suppliers.
RequestType Mandatory. Search / StatelessSearch (See notes below)
SessionID ** Retrieved in login response or in Search Response.
TypeOfService Mandatory. Hotels

*Mandatory* - Means you have to provide at least one of the fields: HotelIds / HotelLocation / GeoLocationInfo

** - Means you have to provide only one of the fields: Credentials / SessionID

Response Fields:

Field Name Explanation
 Result  Hotel:

 Hotel Address

 Area  Country
DefaultImage FullSize, Thumb.
DisplayName  Hotel name
District  (deprecated)
GeoLocation Latitude, Longitude. CAN BE NULL if hotel latitude and longitude are unknown.
ID  Hotel ID from our Hotel Id's List 


1. ContractId - Contract with supplier

2. HotelId - Hotel Id's List 

3. PackageId - Unique ID stores Package details. When no package id is returned (Supplier didn't provide any room information on his search response), you need to call HotelsSupplierDetails Request to obtain the package ids and full room information.

4. PackagePrice:

4.A. Currency - searched currency

4.B. FinalPrice - Represents the Booking/Selling Price in the searched currency including any price rules that were applied.

4.C FinalTax - Tax in the searched currency.

* Will be returned if the supplier returned Tax info in his response, or if FakeTax feature is enabled.

4.D. FinalPriceInSupplierCurrency

4.E. OriginalPrice

4.F. OriginalPriceInSupplierCurrency

4.H. SupplierCurrency - Supplier's price currency.

5. Rooms:

Room  [  ]

5.A. AdultsCount - Number of adults in the room.

5.B. Availability - Available / Not Available. End of [ ].

5.C. Id - Unique ID stores Room details.

5.D. KidsAges [  ] - Notice top comments. End of [ ].

5.E. Price: (Room Price)

5.E.1. Currency - (As explained in 4.A.)

5.E.2. FinalPrice - (As explained in 4.B.)

5.E.3. FinalPriceInSupplierCurrency - (As explained in 4.C.)

5.E.4. OriginalPrice - (As explained in 4.D.)

5.E.5. OriginalPriceInSupplierCurrency - (As explained in 4.E.)

5.E.6. SupplierCurrency - (As explained in 4.F.)

5.F. RoomBasis - Rooms Values

5.G. RoomBasisOriginal - Supplier value

5.H. RoomClass - Rooms Values

5.I. RoomClassOriginal - Supplier value

5.J. RoomType - Rooms Values

5.K. RoomTypeOriginal - Supplier value

6. SimplePrice - Might be returned in some DetailLevel - similar to FinalPrice in its meaning.

7. Refundability - Indicates whether the rate is refundable or not. True = Refundable. False = Non-Refundable. This indication should not replace the call to get cancellation policy, since not all suppliers might return this indicator.

8. RefundableUntil - Date until the package is Refundable.

This indication should not replace the call to get cancellation policy.

9. Remarks (List<string>): Contains essential textual information that returned from the supplier, such as city taxes, check-in hours, etc.

10. SupplierId

11. SupplierName

StarRating  1-5
TripAdvisor Rating, RatingImageUrl, ReviewsCount. More info here
 SearchId  Unique ID stores search details.

Please download the attached examples.

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