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Reprice Item from the previous session

The Request requires same search request and a few more parameters from the selected package: Desired Hotel and Package ID, Rooms details, Session ID, etc.

The client may also include cancellation policy/policies of the desired package from the previous search results.

 Use Cases:

1. Revalidating a package (Price, Room Info, Cancellation Policy - If specified) before booking it, in an active session.

2. "Reviving & Revalidating" a package from an expired session.


The request must be submitted to :

Request fields:

Field Name Explanation

Optional. Cancellation Policies as received in the original search.

If you are not specifying any, the response might return Non-Refundable package, while the original package from search response was Refundable.

If you are not specifying the exact cancellation policy/policies as retrieved on the original session, the response might return a package with worse cancellation policy, i.e higher cancellation fee, or earlier deadline.

Best practice is to specify the cancellation policy/policies, unless your business case is different.

If unknown, it is recommended to specify a Non-Refundable cancellation policy:

DateFrom - Today

CancellationFee - a clone of Price object as retrieved on the original cancellation policy. 


HotelId Id of the desired Hotel, received in the original search
PackageId Id of the desired Package, received in the original search
Rooms Rooms included in the searched package
RepriceRoomRequest Each rooms details are enclosed in this tag
Adults Number of adults in the room.
Availability Availability returned.
Id Room id returned on original search.

The original search request, or best practice - Single Hotel Id search, will likely to return results more faster.

Please note that you can also send a TimeoutSeconds value to control the response time.

TotalPrice Received in the original search
RequestType RepriceItem
SessionID Optional. Specify the current SessionID for Use Case 1. For Use Case 2 - Specify the credentials (Username & Password) in the Request.
TypeOfService Must be Hotels

There are three possible responses you can get:

* Match=True - the desired package or a better one was found and available for booking.

Better package is a package which its room class/type/board/cancellation policy are "better" than the original requested room.

For example - If the original requested room was:

"Standard double room only" and Reprice was able to find the following rooms: "Standard King room only"/ "Deluxe double room only" / "Standard double Bed & Breakfast" -> they all can be considered as a better room and Reprice will return them as valid.

In response <Price> tag will appear and include the following tags:







In case you would like to proceed to booking step with the returned package from the Reprice response, you must pass the SAME price as retrieved in the 'FinalPrice' field in 'BookingPrice' field in the booking request. 

*Match=False - the package is found, but the price has changed. In this case a new price will return in the response

*Error - the package is not found

<ErrorText>No matching item found.</ErrorText>
 Please download attached examples.
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