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This request is intended to be used in the following scenarios:

1. You are sending a search request with DetailLevel = Meta/NoPackages (best practice and recommended way of searching) and you are willing to receive more detailed price breakdown and rooms info.

Using that call, you will get full RoomsPackage information, including supplier original room values (Class, Type, Board/Basis).

2. You are sending a search request with DetailLevel != Meta/NoPackages (NOT a recommended way of searching) and received rooms info in the response from some of the suppliers, yet no rooms info retrieved from some other suppliers.

In order to receive rooms info from the rest of the suppliers - it is necessary to use this API call


3. You are willing to get the applicable payment option for the packages under a certain hotel ID. This relevant only for Gross suppliers' accounts that support different payment types: Deposit/Guarantee/ImmediatePayment/Etc.

4. You are willing to get Taxes and Fees for the selected hotel.

See more details on the bottom part of this document.


Please be advised: You can use this call only for items that were returned in the last search response of your current session.


Sending parallel requests for the SAME Hotel ID will lead to instability/inconsistency in the response. You must wait until response is retrieved, before sending a new request with SAME Hotel ID. Sending parallel requests for DIFFERENT Hotel IDs is allowed.

Please follow the explanations and examples below.

The request must be directed to the following service:  


Request Name: HotelsSupplierDetailsRequest

RequestType: GetAdditionalDetails

Field Name Explanation
ClientIP Redundant
HotelID HotelID from search response

false - Will include STATIC general hotel details only.

Note: As from 19/06/2016 requests with IncludePackageDetails = false will be blocked.

In order to get STATIC hotel details ONLY,  please import the data from static data files instead.

For more information, please contact

true - will include package information.


false - will return regular packages information.

true - will return full taxes and fees breakdown, when the following 2 conditions are met:

1. The supplier returned this information.

2. The implementation of reading that information is completed as part of the supplier integration on the system.

Currently, the following suppliers integration are implemented to support that functionality:

Amadeus, Bonotel,, Expedia, ExpediaSite, GetARoom, GRNConnect, Hotelbeds (V2 - Apitude), Priceline, Tourico

PackageID Deprecated - not needed
RequestType GetAdditionalDetails
SessionID The current session id
TimeoutInSeconds Timeout for the response to be returned.
TypeOfService Hotels


Response Fields: IncludePackageDetails = True

Field Name Explanation
Result As seen below:
Hotel Contains Hotel ID, Hotel Packages.
ID Hotel ID.

RoomsPackage. Same as Package field in search response.

Note: This element might return as empty, with no packages. This is typically to occur when:

1. The supplier is a "4 step".

2. The supplier had availability for this hotel in initial search, but didn't have any at the "get packages and rooms" call.

Response Fields: ReturnTaxesAndFees = True

Please be advised: This information is being returned as is, based on the supplier response, without any calculations or other logic applied.

Field Name Explanation
Currency (string) The taxes and fees currency as the supplier returned.
FeeTitle (string) The taxes and fees title as the supplier returned.



Represents the tax repetitive type: Other, NotApplicable, NotSpecified, PerMinute, PerHour, PerHalfDay, PerNight, PerWeek, PerStay.



Represents if the taxes and fees are included in the final price.



Represents if the taxes and fees are mandatory to be paid. For instance, 'resort fees' are rypically to be mandatory, while 'wifi fee' might not.
IsValuePercentage (boolean) Represents if the tax or fee is percentage value or an absolute value.
UnitType (string) Represents the taxes and fees categorization type: Other, NotApplicable, NotSpecified, PerChild, PerAdult, PerNight,
PerRoom, PerStay, PerPerson, PerOccurrence, PerItem, PerReservation.
Value (string) The decimal value of the taxes and fees.
Remarks (string) Supplier's textual remarks for the tax.


CreditCard field values description:

The value affects on the payment method to be specified in the booking request. (The available payment methods will return also in Payment Preferences response).

ImmidiatePayment   -  Default value. In this case, the payment method on book request will be CreditCardExternal.

NotRequired  -  means the payment is to be made at the hotel upon arrival. The payment method to be sent in the booking request is PayUponArrival. Credit card details are not required.

Guarantee  -  payment method to be passed in the booking request is CreditCardExternal, but the supplier will not charge the credit card and the actual payment will be made by the hotel upon arrival, or in case of cancellation after the cancellation policy's deadline.

Deposit  -  payment method to be sent in the booking request is CreditCardhExternal. In this case another value will also return in the package details in the price section  -  PayOnArrivalFinal . The credit card will be charged for the sum= FinalPrice - PayOnArrivalFinal. The PayOnArrivalFinal amount is to be paid at the hotel upon arrival.

Please download attached examples.

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