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Cancellation Policy Check

This function sends a request for the cancellation policy and should be used before sending the booking request.

In addition, if you'd like to get cancellation policy for multiple package IDs in the same Hotel ID returned in the search result, you can send several simultaneous cancellation policy requests or to send multiple package ids in a single request.

This should be used only once the end-user wants to retrieve information for specific rates and under no circumstances should be used to retrieve ALL cancellation policies for all package IDs returned for all Hotel IDs.

Your search request should be directed to the following service:


Request Fields

Field Name Explanation
HotelID (Int32) Hotel ID which you would like to get cancellation policy for. Mandatory.
PackageID (GUID) Package id that came from search results for this hotel id. ***
PackagesIDs (GUID []) NEW - You can pass a few packagesIDs for selected hotel. This might be useful instead of executing multiple cancellation policies requests with one package id each time. ***
TimeoutInSeconds Timeout for the response to be retrieved


*** When implementing the cancellation policy call using the PackagesIDs, please pass the PackageID as empty one (0000....) and the PackagesIDs as array. See XML examples below.


Response Fields

Field Name Explanation
BookingRemarks (String) The cancellation policy remarks - retrieved from the supplier and contains essential text such as hotel comments, residency restrictions, check-in hours, etc.
In case the remarks contain textual policy dates and fees which are different from the structured policy - please consider the textual policy as the policy to be applied for this package
CancellationPolicies There can be few cancel policies for the package
CancellationPolicy Each element will address specific date range from-to
CancellationFee Cancellation fee element.
It is important to mention that the fee is the package's original price, i.e. without any markups.
For more information, refer to 'Price' object here.
DateFrom (dateTime)

Date and time the policy kicks in. Time is GMT.


Please be aware that we won't be able to service complaints on a cancellation fee that was charged by the supplier because of time-zone differences between the supplier cancellation policy time to your time.


DateTo (dateTime) End date and time for the policy. Time is GMT.
Description (string) Contains policy description as returned from the supplier.


Please download attached examples.

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