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Payment Preferences


Payment preferences method is used to retrieve the booking payment possibilities for the selected package. Payment preferences will say if the user (whose credentials were used to access the API and to create the session) is allowed to make a book if he can pay by credit card (internal/external), cash or another alternative method (PayuponArrival).

In addition, payment preferences can return cancellation policy details for the selected package.

Calling payment preferences is optional (though recommended), and can be avoided if same settings are always used – please consult our integration team, to verify if this applies to your integration.


** NEW ** from 09/2016:

We have upgraded the Payment Preference service, to include also the applicable Credit Credit cards that can be used for booking this package.

The list of applicable Credit Cards is either parsed according to supplier response (if returned and implemented) or taken from the accounts settings (Can be configured via the B2B, on contracts screen).

In case the Payment Preferences response is empty, it's recommended to check the user settings and also the obligo which is configured for the user/node on the B2B.

Your request must be directed to the following service:

Request Fields:

Field Name Explanation
HotelID From search response
PackageID From search response
IncludeCancellationPolicy true/false. If true, will return cancellation policy too, otherwise will not return cancellation policy

 Response fields:

Booking remarks Possible supplier remarks/notifications
HotelCancelationPolicyResponse If requested, will contain CXL details
PaymentPreference Contain payment methods available
AcceptedCreditCards List of accepted credit cards which can be sent on booking request.
CardType Visa, amex etc.
Commission Additional charges that might be added to the final price
FlatFee Additional charges that might be added to the final price
ChargingCurrency Final currency in which a Credit card will be charged
ConversionRate Conversion rate used between Sale price/rate and the actual charge
Type Cash – the booking can be completed without CreditCard
CreditCardInternal - relevant for net suppliers, the payment is processed via affiliate's payment gateway.
CreditCardExternal - Credit Card details are passed to the accommodation provider.
PayOnArrival - relevant for gross suppliers only. Payment for the stay will be done at the hotel.

Please download the attached examples.

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