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Create Hotel Booking - Credit Card

This function submits a new booking request by credit card.

The request has to be directed to:


Read the notes in this article first:

For testing purposes, please use the following Credit Card details:

Card Type: VISA

Card Number: 4111111111111111

CVV: 333

Expire Date: Future date


** For GetARoom (GTR) supplier, use the following Credit Card details in case the previous didn't go through:

Card Type: VISA

Card Number: 4444444444444448

CVV: 123

Expire Date: Future date


** For Expedia (EXP) supplier, use the following Credit Card details, in case the previous didn't go through:

Card Type: VISA

Card Number: 4005550000000019

CVV: 123

Expire Date: Future date


Request fields for Card element:

Field Name Explanation
AddressLine Mandatory some suppliers
CVV Mandatory
CardNumber Mandatory

Mandatory. Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Diners, Discover, Eurocard, Maestro, JCB. Please note that suppliers (gross ones) might not support all credit card types, depending on what card type which the hotel accepts. Also, if you are booking using one of the integrated payment gateways on the system, please make sure you'be applied the correct configuration via our B2B.

On any case, we advise on calling to HotelPaymentPreferencesRequest just before sending the book request, in order to receive the applicable credit card types for the package you are requesting to book.

City Mandatory
Country Mandatory
Email Mandatory
ExpireDate Mandatory
HolderName Mandatory. 

First and last name, separated by space.

*** Please make sure you use only English characters, otherwise the booking might fail in supplier side! ***

Phone Mandatory
StartDate Mandatory for some cards (Amex)
State Mandatory for US/CA citizens
ZipCode Mandatory


 For the other request fields, please refer to 'Create Hotel Booking - Cash', with only 1 difference:


When credit card is provided - Do not pass anything here.

Our system will forward the Credit Card details to the appropriate 3 party receiver:

In case of a Gross package - The Credit Card details will be passed to the hotel supplier for processing the transaction.

In case of a NET package - The Credit Card details will be passed to the Payment Gateway for processing the transaction.

See more details on the Payment Gateways article:

Type: Nullable Double

Specify the Service Fee you would like to collect for this booking. Will be charged in a separate credit card transaction. Is not allowed if the payment gateway account is NOT configured as 3D Secured.



Response fields:

Field Name Explanation
HotelSegments The response can have several segments
BookingID Supplier booking confirmation id for this booking.

Supplier booking reference for this booking.


This fields may not rerutned in case the supplier returned single booking id or reference for this booking.

BookingRemarks Any supplier remarks for this booking.
OrderId Order ID as created on Travolutionary.

Segment ID as created on Travolutionary.

To be used with check status or cancel methods.

Status Booking status. See all the possible statuses list here

Please download attached examples.

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