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Cars, Flights and Transfers Error Library

Please note that the following errors have been deprecated for the Hotel Service.

The errors are still relevant for other services, such as cars, flights, etc.

For Hotels, the following error codes should be used instead.


Error Code - See table for a list of possible values.

Error Text - See table for a list of possible values.


During your development - once you book using TEST supplier's accounts, you might encounter E4100, E4050 many times, i.e booking attempts will not always be confirmed.

This is normal when working with supplier's TEST accounts.


Code Text


or what can be done on your side

I0200 Operation successful.  
I0404 No results found. Supplier Name: {0}, Contract Id: {1}.  
I0405 Request Not Supported. Supplier Name: {0}, Contract Id: {1}.  
I0406 Credit card details are provided when not required. Credit card details will be ignored.  
I0600 Duplicate passenger name. Will try to fix the name and re-book.  
I0601 Passenger name too short. Will try to fix the name and re-book.  
W4305 Supplier Communication Error. Supplier Name: {0}, Contract Id: {1}.  
W4306 "Supplier Data Parsing Error. Supplier Name: {0}, Contract Id: {1}.

Please check the supplier's response in our log system. If the supplier's response seems valid, please contact us at

In any other case, kindly contact the supplier with details and the relevant logs.

W4307 Supplier Timeout Error. Supplier Name: {0}, Contract Id: {1}.  
W4308 Search criteria not supported. Supplier Name: {0}.  
W4309 Wrong configuration at supplier's system. Supplier Name: {0}.  
  !--General errors-->  
E0300 SessionId not found. Probable to happen when you are trying to access a session which is already expired. Please report this error to as soon as you encounter. 
E0500 Internal error.

Severe Internal Service Error. If the error occurred during a booking attempt, please verify in supplier system if the booking has been created or not, before sending an additional booking request, to prevent duplicated bookings.

Please report this error to as soon as you encounter.

E0501 Request {0}.{1} doesn't exist.  
E0502 Supplier action is not implemented  
E0999 Unknown error.  
E1000 Supplier error.  
E0400 {0} action cannot be performed on a segment with status {1}  
E1100 Invalid request data.  Something in your request didn't pass our validation. See detailed error message for more info. Check for 2 letters valid state (for US only), check for credit card details, etc.
  <!--Permissions and Authorization errors-->  
E2000 User '{0}' not authorized to perform '{1}' action.  
E2001 User access denied.  mceclip1.png
E2002 Resource limit reached. Means that you've exceeded the amount of allowed requests per second. If you are using your own cluster - please make sure that your traffic is directed to your dedicated endpoint. For more assistance, please contact
E2050 Segment access denied.  
E2060 Credentials not specified.  
E2061 Couldn't verify credentials. Make sure you are using valid credentials and verify in B2b that the user is not locked.
E2062 Providing both Credentials and SessionId is not allowed.  
E2063 Credit-card is suspicious (did not pass fraud check)  
  <!--Order errors-->  
E2300 Segment not found  
E2301 OrderId Mismatch  
  <!--Payment errors-->  
E3000 Payment not authorized. Probably credit card issue such as wrong credit card type/number/cvv, etc. or the card was declined. You can display message in your side: "Please verify your credit card details"
E3001 Payment was not committed.  
E3002 Charging service-fee is not allowed on a 3D-enabled payment gateway account.  
E3010 No payment methods are defined for the user. Please check the user settings

Check the user settings and make sure the user has the option to book with cash or credit.


E3020 User is not allowed to book non-refundable Net rates. Please check the user settings

Check the user settings and make sure the user has the option to book non-refundable rates (if needed)

E3030 User doesn't have enough Obligo to book this rate. Current obligo: {credit}{currency}, Required obligo {required obligo} {currency}. Please check the obligo settings.

Check the Obligo settings on the user (and its father node) level

E3040 '{}' was specified as the SelectedPaymentMethod, but the allowed PaymentMethod for this package is: '{}'.

Amend the SelectedPaymentMethod

E3050 Payment method is not available.

1. Make sure you have set up enough obligo for the user/branch. "Admin" ==> "Obligo"

2. Make sure the user is allowed to book cash/non-refundable/credit card. "Admin" ==> "Users"

3. Make sure in supplier contract, that "Can book" option is checked. "Admin" ==> "Contracts"

4. Make sure to use the applicable PaymentMethods returned in GetPaymentPreferences response.

E3100 Credit card type is not allowed.  
E3101 Segment already marked as paid.  
  <!--Flights errors-->  
E3500 Fare rules can't be retrieved.  
E3501 Route id '{0}' not found in search results.  
E3502 Already Ticketed.  
E3800 Car extra with id '{0}' was not found.  
E3801 Car with id '{0}' was not found.  
E3802 Invalid car rental location.


E3803 Car rental terms are not available

no rental details provided by the supplier.

Check the supplier's response and contact the supplier accordingly.


<!--Hotels -->  
E3600 Hotel Id '{0}' not found in search results.

You are trying to book hotel that wasn't returned in results from current session. Acquire new session or try to book another hotel.

E3601 Package Id '{0}' not found in search results. Probable to happen when trying to access or operate on a package that wasn't returned in results from current session or when a session is expired. Acquire new session.
I3701 No mapped hotel ids were found. Supplier Name: {0}  
I3702 No mapped locations were found. Supplier Name: {0}, Location Id: {1}  
W3703 Search by {0} not supported by the supplier. Supplier Name: {1}  
  <!--Common errors on retrieving data-->  
E4300 Failed to retrieve searched details. An error occurred when trying to process results from the suppliers. Please report this error to as soon as as you encounter. 
E4301 No matching item found. Please send another Reprice request - this time with correct package.
E4302 Failed to read session data. Probable to happen when you are trying to access a session which is already expired. Please report this error to as soon as as you encounter. 
E4303 Currency '{0}' not supported.  
  <!--Booking errors-->  

Booking price out of range.

Discount value is invalid

Please make sure that you are sending the package price as returned on our search response.

If you are willing to book at a lower price than returned in the API (provide a discount) - please contact our support to enable this functionality for you.

E4000 Invalid book request data Make sure you are sending all the mandatory fields in booking request. Use only English characters in names/addresses, etc.
E4050 Item cannot be booked. The supplier couldn't confirm the booking and returned an error.
E4051 Booking is not allowed on this account. Make sure in supplier contract, that "Can book" option is checked. "Admin" ==> "Contracts"
E4052 Duplicate booking

The booking failed on the supplier side - the supplier returned an indication of a duplicate booking. Therefore any further attempt is blocked on the supplier side.

Best error handling on the client side would be to alter the passenger names by appending an 'A' to lead pax and 'B' for the second pax, etc, and resend the booking request.

E4053 The requested package is not currently available

The supplier failed to book the selected offer. No booking has been created.

E4060 Item cannot be booked.

Funds/deposit/out of credit issue. - Contact the supplier to refill /deposit, to prevent such errors.

Refrain from making any booking attempts with the supplier until resolved


E4070 The supplier rejected the book attempt

 No booking created, no segment created.

E4100 This booking can not be confirmed, as it is not available anymore. The supplier couldn't confirm the booking. Probably no availability from the supplier. Try to book another package.
E4101 Cannot book the same item twice in the same session.

The system received an additional book request for a package ID, which was already booked in a previous attempt.

  <!--Cancelation errors-->  
E4500  Booking cannot be confirmed due to no pre-book response receive

There are 2 common scenarios where this error can be returned:

1. The supplier returned invalid or unexpected cancellation policy response, or didn't return any rates / dates / fees at all.

2. There was a price change for the selected  package, between search response price to cancellation policy response price.

Cancellation policy request to our API triggers (not always) another call to supplier, to get up-to-date (more recent) prices and availability for the selected package, unlike the initial search request to supplier, that might return cached prices. 

In that case, in order to avoid price discrepancies and eventually prevent financial damage, we return this error message.

E4501 Item cannot be canceled. Contact our tech team.
E4502 Cancel item not supported.  
  <!--SmartBook Errors-->  
E6000 SmartBook failed - internal error  
E6001 SmartBook failed - search error  
E6002 SmartBook failed - prebook error  
E6003 SmartBook failed - book error  
E6007 Invalid value sent in 'ContractIds' field The 'Allowed contracts for book' setting which is defined for this user in the Backoffice is 'Controlled via API request', but no contract ids were specified in the request. Please specify the contract ids in the request or change the setting in the Backoffice.
E7001 User is not authorized to use SmartBook feature via API Please contact our support.
E4080 Request timeout limit reached. No booking occurred.  
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