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Cancel Flight Reservation

Before we proceed to the technical part of the section, please be advised:

In most cases fare companies do not return cancellation policy. Our cancellation policy for PNRs are based on the last ticketing date.  Till this date, the cancellation is refundable mostly (if not, it   will appear in cancellation policy we return).  After you ticketing the PNR, we consider  the item as none-refundable. It doesn't always mean the ticket is non-refundable.
The amendment conditions are provided in fare rules and consist of  a lot of parameters, some of them do not allow to obtain cancellation info before the ticketing is made.

In order to check the cancellation policy, send the FareInfoRequest, and in the response we send the full cancellation policy details under PE.PENALTIES.


Your search request has to be directed to the following service:


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