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Flight Payment Preferences

Flight payment preferences can be called either during the booking process (as in the samples below), or addressing your request to the existing order, by providing the Segment ID:

<Request i:type="FlightPaymentPreferencesRequest" xmlns="">
                    <ClientIP i:nil="true" />



The rest of the request fields should be the same as the during booking case

Your search request is directed to the following service:



Update (12/Sep/2017):

The response will now include a new tag:

<BookIncludesTicketing> (Boolean)

This tag will indicate whether the booking action is going to try and ticket the fare at the same time, meaning that you there's no need to use FlightTicketingRequest after the segment is created.

If you are using our payment gateway services to collect payment from the consumer, you'll need to specify the Card element in the booking request, otherwise, a ticket might be created, but no payment will be collected from the customer. 

Please download the attached examples.

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