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Cars Payment Preferences & Booking

Payment preferences for the user have to be executed before the booking process.

Payment preferences specify which credit cards can be used, the conversion rates if applicable etc.

You can get three possible Types of payment: CreditCardExternal, CreditCardInternal and PayUponArrival.

PayUponArrival means the customer will pay at the moment of the car pickup. If a credit card is needed to secure the booking, it will show like with 2 other payment methods.

The service is:

Request Fields:

Field Name Explanation
CarID From search response
IncludeCancellationPolicy true/false

Response Fields:

Field Name Explanation
CarCancelationPolicyResponse If requested, will contain CXL details
PaymentPreference Contain payment methods available
AcceptedCreditCards True/false
CardType Visa, Amex etc.
Commission Additional charges that might be added to final price
FlatFee Additional charges that might be added to final price
ChargingCurrency Final currency in which a Credit card will be charged
ConversionRate Conversion rate used between Sale price/rate and actual charge
Type If Cash – a booking can be completed without CreditCard
CreditCardInternal - using a payment gateway
CreditCardExternal - Card details go to supplier

Car Booking:

This function submits a new booking request for the selected car and returns the booking reference and booking status.

Remember: you can book only those items which returned in the last search in the same session.

For testing purposes, please use the following Credit Card details:

Card Type: VISA

Card Number: 4111111111111111

CVV: 333

Expire Date: Future date

The service is:

Request Fields:

Field Name Explanation
ClientIP Need to provide client IP
BookingPrice Price the user charges the client
CarID Car ID from search response
<Card> Details of the cc used to pay. Mandatory
CID 3 digits for some USA cards
CVV 3 digits
CardNumber Card number
CardType Visa, Master Card, Amex, etc.
Country Country
HolderName First and last name, separated by space
<Customer> Mandatory
<Address>  Mandatory
AddressLine Street & number. Example: Hamasger 59
CityName Example: Tel Aviv
<CountryName>  Mandatory
Code Example: IL
Name Example:  Israel
PostalCode Zip Code
StateProv For USA citizens
Value  Email
<PersonDetails>  Mandatory
<Name> Mandatory
GivenName First name
NamePrefix Mr, Ms, Mrs, etc.. 
Surname Last name 
Type Adult, Child 
PhoneNumber  Phone number 
DropOffStationId Optional - "OfficeId" from "CarsSearchDetailsResponse"
PickUpStationId Optional - "OfficeId" from "CarsSearchDetailsResponse"
SelectedPaymentMethod One of the payment preferences from GetPaymentPreference response: Cash/ creditCardInternal/ CreditCardExternal. If left empty the booking will be made in cash if available.

Response fields:

Field Name Explanation
CarBookSegments The response can have several segments
BookingID Supplier ID for this booking
BookingReference Supplier reference for this booking
OrderId Carsolize Order ID
SegmentId Carsolize Segment ID. To be used with status or cancel services
Status Booking status. See all the possible statuses list here
Currency Search currency
FinalPrice Sale price

Please download the attached examples.

Update 30/10/2014: Added Car Booking with Extras request & response.

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