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Cars Reprice for an item from previous session

This function allows making a reservation of a car that was found in an expired session.

The request requires same search request parameters and a few more parameters from the selected package: Desired Car ID, Cars details,  new session id.

The client may also include cancellation policy details of the desired item from the previous search results in his reprice request. Then the Reprice function will include cancellation policy details in its search criteria.

Reprice request must be also submitted to :

There are three possible responses you can get:

* Match=True - the desired package is found and is available for booking.

In response, <Price> tag will appear and include the following tags:







*Match=False - The package is found, but the price has changed. In this case a new price will return in the response

*Error - The package is not found

<ErrorText>No matching item found.</ErrorText>

Please download attached examples.

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