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Room Static Values (Basis/Type/Class)

The GetPackages method does not include the Type and Class tags, but these values will be included in the RoomName


Room Basis values (relevant for GetPackages and HotelsSupplierDetails):                                                                      

Field Name Explanation
AI All Inclusive
BB Bed and Breakfast
CB Continental Breakfast
FB Full board
HB Half board
RO Room only


Room Types (GetPackages): 

Apartment Double Parlour Suite
Bungalow Duplex Penthouse Tent
Cabin Family Quadruple Townhouse
Caravan Guestroom RunOfHouse Triple
Chalet Honeymoon Sico Villa
Condo house Single  
Cottage Loft Studio  


Room Classes (GetPackages):

Ambassador Executive Leisure Privilege
Business Exotic Luxury Royal
Cabana Fabulous Marvelous Spa
Classic Grand Mega Spectacular
Comfort Honeymoon Parlor Standard
Deluxe Hospitality Premier Superior
Economy Imperial Premium Wonderful
Efficiency Junior Presidential  
Exclusive Lanai Prestige  


Room Types (HotelsSupplierDetails): 

2 double beds Double King/2 Queen Triple
2 king beds Double for single use King/Twin bed Triple for single use
2 queen beds Double/Twin Multiple bedrooms Twin
2 twin beds Double/Twin for single use Quadruple Twin beds
Apartment Family Queen Twin for single use
Bungalow Home Single Villa
Bunk beds King Studio  
Dorm King/2 Double Suite  


Room Classes (HotelsSupplierDetails):

Basic Deluxe Executive with view Presidential
Business  Deluxe with view Junior Presidential with view
Business with view Duplex Junior with view Shared room
Classic Duplex with view Leisure Shared room with view
Classic with view Economy Leisure with view SharedFacilities
Club  Economy with view Penthouse Standard
Club with view Exclusive Penthouse with view Standard with view
Corner Exclusive with view Premium Superior
Corner with view Executive Premium with view Superior with view
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