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JSON examples with the cert endpoint are attached below.



Before sending a question or opening a ticket, please search for the answer here first!

Q: Prices we recieved in our first search request becomes much higher at a later stage !

In many cases, in your initial search request to the suppliers, they are providing you rates that are cached. It means that at your initial search request you are performing to Travolutionary the suppliers are providing you rates that were saved and cached at a previous time and date and are not LIVE rates. Suppliers usually tend to do that in order to save overloads on their server endpoint. Then, when you are you trying to actually book the rate, our system is performing price validation for the rate requested which is pulling the LIVE rate/prices from the supplier and it is on this point where you are getting a LIVE price for the rate you initially requested, which can be on some occasions higher than the price first requested. in this scenario, you may receive an error that the rate is no longer available or the price has been changed. which depends on how much the price went higher.

Q: I'm getting no response or "server error 500" when I send you a request.

The cause of this error is probably one of the following:

  1. The request you are sending is not in the correct form, or you didn't put a correct value in mandatory fields.
  2. You have a syntax error in your XML/JSON request or generating a wrong one
  3. We have an unsolved bug (this is rare)

Please verify you are sending the request correctly if still the problem occurs don't hesitate to Submit a request with the Session ID: Submit a Request


Q: I cannot book an Item.

You can book only items that returned in the last search results of the current session!

Check in the Log Viewer the Error message and the response from the Supplier (Supplier Book Response) - in most of the cases the Room is Sold-Out.

Please see Travolutionary Session Viewer


Q: Does Travolutionary API supports REST API

While we do support JSON, Travolutionary API doesn't fully support REST API since it is not stateless.


Q: What is the endpoint for JSON

as follow example for a json Header (in our certification/testing environment)

Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
VsDebuggerCausalityData: uIDPo0jevZWPd+JCmSGWY7k13KEAAAAADKcWpyyn0ESBP7zUC/3o7PWbMq/9fglIpYBYzdevrS4ACQAA
Content-Length: 847
Expect: 100-continue
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate


Q: Why the room continue return in the search response 
although the room is not available

The inventory is dynamic. Hence, it could be that the room was already booked by the time you have decided to book it. Also, please note- we are only sending the inventory that the suppliers respond to us without manipulation on the received data.

Please contact the Supplier and ask to check on their ends.


Q: Where and how I can find the Logs for a specific Order.Segment

Travolutionary provides a Log Viewer tool that you can login and finds all Sessions with the Requests and Responses for a specific Session ID.

In the Log Viewer website

Fill in the ‘Search’ box Segment ID (from the confirmed reservation) or the Session ID (that you used in this specific Search / Book flow)


Q: Where I can download Travolutionary Locations codes

Travolutionary Location codes are available to download from the following link: Locations Codes


Q: How a reservation can be Amended.
Does Travolutionary Hotels API supports Amendment?

In Order to Amend a reservation, you have to cancel the reservation and to book the new room,

Before you cancel a reservation, please check if there is a CXL fee.


Q: Why i see less hotels through the API or EKK 
vs. the Supplier website/portal?

Travolutionary is loading and mapping Hotels from each Supplier on weekly basis,

Once the process of loading and mapping Hotels completed successfully Hotels are available to be searched and booked.

  • If you are searching Hotels by IDs - make sure that you loaded and mapped all Hotel IDs

we recommend to download Hotels on weekly basis - via Mapping.Works lite.

  • If you are searching by Location or by Geo Codes - make sure you are not restricting Hotels (by Star level or any other filter).
  • Can be that the Supplier didn’t update the Inventory list that should be loaded by Travolutionary. 

You have contacted the Supplier and verify they providing the Hotels that you didn’t receive in the response.

  • Can be the Supplier is not providing his full inventory to Travolutionary.  

You have contacted the Supplier and verify they providing the Hotels that you didn’t receive in the response.

  • Check if you set a Timeout value that most of the Suppliers are not returning results,  

You can edit the Timeout value and check if you get more Hotels in the response.

  • For example, in the following image, a customer tried searching for a hotel in a 25Km radius, and couldn't find any results, that is due to the fact that the hotel is in fact over 60Km from the location he searched, make sure you examine the location you search for and the radius range.



Q: How can we add new contracts/feeds to our account?

In order to add new feeds, first of all, acquire the contract credentials from the supplier, this includes ID, password, allowed currencies and any additional information you can receive.

After that, please send us a message with all of the credentials to


Q: I am trying to make a hotel booking request but I'm receiving the following error: "Book request does not match selected package - room 6b1ee20d-7545-4acb-9730-fa80813afd5a should contain 1 adults."

This error is returned when there is a mismatch between the package ID and the room ID.

When submitting a booking request, the most important fields are HotelIDLeadPaxRoomId, PackageID, and Allocation,

While LeadPaxRoomId and Allocation are the room ID from "GetPackages", and the package ID is simply the package ID from "GetPackages".

In order to solve this issue, make sure you're grabbing the correct Package ID and room ID of the same package.



Q: How can I prevent from the end clients to receive a booking confirmation voucher 
from the supplier which exposes the Net price.

For each supplier contract it is recommended to set a Default Email and Default Phone number

In cases it's not defined, effectively the end-client is booking directly with the supplier. Hence, the supplier could be sending confirmation voucher and possible an invoice for a Net price and thus exposing it to the end user. 

In order to prevent that it is advised to provide Travolutionary with this information in the process of activating a new contract.


Q: How often should I download the static data on Lite?

We recommend downloading static data on a weekly basis to keep your property details as up to date as possible

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