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Travolutionary service release notes - 08/02/2015

Dear clients - We are happy to announce a few major upgrades to our API service, and also various new functions to improve communication and functionality for you.

Summary below: 

1. Hotel Id Search - You can now search using HotelIDs only (no matter if suppliers support hotelID search or not, we are making the conversion on our side and you will receive the relevant results). You should now STOP sending searches that contain BOTH hotel and locationIDs.

2. Geo Search - You can now search using Lat./Long. + Radius (up to 15km) - as an alternative to HotelId or LocationId searches.

3. Supplier updates - All suppliers like HRS, GetARoom, etc. are now returning for all types of searches. For clients working with HRS - please wait till next week before deploying live, alternatively you need to consider additional payment method "PayOnArrival" and that some bookings can be completed without credit card present altogether.

4. Payment preference - can be ignored from Feb 8th in the booking request, we perform that calculation on our end. In other words - there's no need to declare on which payment type you are going to use in booking request. If you would like to use credit card, just send the credit card details. If not, do not send anything in that part of booking request.

5. Location and hotel Id data - can now be generated based on the inventories you work with - please contact support for updated static data links (Files will be available soon). Starting from this release there is no more one global file.

6. Error handling and automated notifications - from this week you will start receiving  notifications on failed booking attempts that take place due to numerous reasons, such as CC authorization failure, supplier inventory sold out etc. Each notification has the details and link to XML log where you can check the relevant data. Notification emails are sent every few minutes and a summary list once a day.

We also encourage you to pay more attention to error handling, especially on statuses E4060 = means you're out of credit with supplier, E4020 = means that this is a duplicate booking attempt (same passenger, same hotel, same dates).

7. New back office system
  • Now with Orders and Hotel booking flow. Admin remains in old interface for next few weeks, while we work on migrating admin functions to the new interface
  • We are now offering you to operate in your own domain using our B2B platform for overall solution. More info could be found here.

9. General observations:

  • Please make sure you use compression in your headers (GZIP etc.)
  • Please make sure you use HTTPS for booking requests
  • Please make sure you know how to use the XML dump logs and how to access them
  • Are you familiar with "Reprice" function? This allows you to validate the package availability with the supplier without making a new search, and to book transparently to the user.
  • Is your search to book flow efficient? Are you using detail level "NoPackages" and "GetAdditionalDetails" or using detail level "Low"/"Default" - these choices affect your overall API performance
  • Keep yourself up to date on suppliers available through our system  
  • Error handling - we see that many clients don't give error handling the needed attention - in many cases bookings fail because of expired sessions or search results, invalid characters in the book request etc. We highly recommend to review the error list and make necessary adjustments to save many of these lost reservations.
10. Development - please note that usage of LIVE feeds for development purposes is not allowed and such users will be blocked. 
Our support team is at your convenience to assist you with performing necessary updates to your integration and operation.

** Please be advised that points 2 and 7 are part of a paid new service upgrade. Please contact sales to discuss these options.  


Travolutionary team.


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