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This request is intended to be used to get Room Content which includes: Room Images, Room Descriptions, and Room Amenities.

Please be advised:

  1. Refrain from sending parallel requests in the same session for the same HotelID, this will lead to instability/inconsistency in the response. You must wait until a response is returned before sending a new request with the same HotelID.
  2. The usage of the GetPackages API call needs to be enabled in Travolutionary for the affiliate.
  3. For GetPackages call to work, please don't use the GetDetails call in the same Session.
  4. The room details as appear in the voucher & confirmations templates and in the back-office will be replaced with the RoomName that was returned in this API call response and as was saved in our database when the segment was created.
  5. You must specify one of the below “DetailLevel” options in the search request: Meta, MetaNoTax, NoPackages, NoPackagesNoTax, MetaAdvanced, MetaExtended
  6. In OrderService, GetOrder & GetOrders methods were adjusted to return the RoomName as returned in this API call response and as was saved in our database when the segment was created.


Please follow the explanations and examples below.

The request must be directed to the following service (unless you are using a dedicated endpoint):  

Request (XML)

Method: POST

Host: Your service URL path

Content-Length: 628

Expect: 100-continue

Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate

SOAPAction: ""

Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8

Request (JSON)

Method: POST

Host: Your service URL path

Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

Content-Length: 257

Expect: 100-continue

Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate


Request Body

Field Name Field Type Description Mandatory
HotelID Integer The HotelID that was returned in the search response of the specified SessionID (see below) and for which the GetPackages should return a result. Yes


false - Taxes and fees details will not return in the response.
true - The result will include full taxes and fees breakdown, only if the below two conditions are met:

1. The supplier returned Taxes and Fees information.

2. The implementation of reading this information is part of the supplier integration in the system.

Currently, the following suppliers' integrations are implemented to support this functionality:

Amadeus, Bonotel,, Expedia, ExpediaSite, GetARoom, GRNConnect, Hotelbeds (V2 - APItude), Priceline, Tourico



Specify the maximum wait time for the results to be returned.

ReturnSRSP Boolean

If specified as True, the Supplier Recommended Selling Price (As a Double Type) will be returned under the HotelRoomPackage, above the "SimplePrice" field.

The SRSP is returned by the following suppliers: TotalStay (TTS), HotelBeds (HB2), WelcomeBeds (WLC) and AbreuOnlline (ABR).

 SessionID String The SessionID as returned in the Search Response and in which the HotelID was returned. Yes
RequestType ServiceRequestType GetPackages Yes
TypeOfService ServiceTypeEnum Hotels Yes




Response Body

This part includes only partial elements of the response and only the room elements that changed/added compared to the "old" HotelsSupplierDetails Response.

Field Name

Field Type




Includes the Room Content: Amenities, Descriptions, Images and a reference point (RoomKey) to be used as a “Room Content Dictionary”.






List of Room Amenities as retrieved from the source and processed by TV.



List of Room Descriptions as retrieved from the source and processed by TV.



List of Room Images as retrieved from the source and processed by TV.

Note: the images are sorted in a recommended display manner.



The room key of the room’s content source. The room’s TargetRoomKey that was retrieved in the result should be matched to this RoomKey in order to fetch the corresponding Room Content.

The TargetRoomKey is fetched from specific most trusted suppliers.



Includes the Roomtype and Bedding.



Please download attached examples.

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