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Check Segment Status

Check Booking Status:

Note that check status can't be performed after 1 day (GMT time) passed from the check-in date!

Bookings that their current status is not a "final" one, i,e pending confirmation (on-request - RQ) or cancellation pending (CP) need to be checked periodically for the updated status.

Please visit the Orders and Segments Statuses to get familiar with the statuses we work with.

This function queries the supplier in order to obtain the latest status for this booking.

The function's input is the segment id.

The request is sent to the following service:


Request fields:

SoapAction: HotelBookInfoRequest

RequestType: CheckBookingStatus

TypeOfService: Hotels

Field Name Explanation
SegmentID SegmentID that needs to be queried for an updated status.
Credentials Credentials of the user to be used for the check status request

Username which has sufficient permissions to perform a check status.

Please note that a user can check status for his segments only, or segments that were made on his node, or segments that were made on his child nodes.

root user (User which is located under the main node) can perform check status to any segment on the company.

Password password.

The following statuses might return in the response of the Check Status

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